Return on Investment: OLC

Finding from Return on Investment of Ohio’s Public Libraries &Comparison with Other States, Howard Fleeter & Associates (April 2016): Ohio has the second highest percentage of registered borrowers at 77.7%, behind only Minnesota. Ohio has the highest number of library transactions per capita in the country, utilizing library materials and services at a rate that … [Read more…]

Bringing Trust to the Table

Trust is fundamental to so much of what libraries do. I think it is one of the main reasons that people like libraries. Fostering a trusting environment should be considered in all library decisions from building remodels to lending new materials. Ultimately, librarians and administrators need to look at themselves as part of the community … [Read more…]

Net Neutrality Update

On Feb. 26, 2015, the FCC approved strong open Internet rules under Title II of the Communications Act. Learn more here: Save the Internet The FCC recently passed the Open Internet Order, which became active on June 12, 2015. The Order also commands that ISPs cannot “unreasonably interfere with or unreasonably disadvantage” the ability of … [Read more…]

Canva is my Friend

My work at the library involves creating a lot of promotional materials for upcoming events. These marketing materials tend to be for display on our website, Facebook, & promotional TVs within our libraries. When I first started at the library I wrestled with Photoshop to make these graphics. Using Photoshop was time-consuming for the goal … [Read more…]

Coding for the Masses – Striving to Improve Digital Literacy

Our concept of information literacy is evolving more and more rapidly as technology becomes ingrained in our everyday lives.  Schools and educators are realizing the importance of expanding an interest in computer science and coding to a wider audience and at an earlier age.  On January 24, 2014, the popular science podcast, ScienceFriday, ran an … [Read more…]

Dangers of Losing Net Neutrality

Wired magazine ran a great piece on why is important to advocate for net neutrality and the potential dangers of the U.S. Court of Appeals ruling on January 14th. From Wired magazine: Three Dangers of Losing Net Neutrality That Nobody’s Talking About 1. No matter how things play out with net neutrality, the outcome is … [Read more…]