Bringing Trust to the Table

Trust is fundamental to so much of what libraries do. I think it is one of the main reasons that people like libraries. Fostering a trusting environment should be considered in all library decisions from building remodels to lending new materials. Ultimately, librarians and administrators need to look at themselves as part of the community … [Read more…]

Coding for the Masses – Striving to Improve Digital Literacy

Our concept of information literacy is evolving more and more rapidly as technology becomes ingrained in our everyday lives. ¬†Schools and educators are realizing the importance of expanding an interest in computer science and coding to a wider audience and at an earlier age. ¬†On January 24, 2014, the popular science podcast, ScienceFriday, ran an … [Read more…]

Mozilla Releases New Web Literacy Standard

The Mozilla Corporation released version 1.0 of the Web Literacy Standard on October 23. The standard is broken down into three core skill categories: explore, build, and connect. Mozilla hopes to train a generation of webmakers – users that not only consume information and media on the web but also generate it. The standard is … [Read more…]