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EPUB 3 Implementation White Paper Now Available

From the IDPF:

As part of the ongoing EPUB 3 Implementation Project the Association for American Publishers (AAP) has made available a white paper that documents several outcomes of the cross-industry initiative, including the top 10 features deemed most critical for immediate implementation by participating publishers and reading system developers, as well as the top 13 tips for content publishers to create accessible EPUB 3 publications. For more information and to download the white paper, visit: .

Digital Literacy

Mozilla Releases New Web Literacy Standard

The Mozilla Corporation released version 1.0 of the Web Literacy Standard on October 23. The standard is broken down into three core skill categories: explore, build, and connect. Mozilla hopes to train a generation of webmakers – users that not only consume information and media on the web but also generate it.

The standard is useful for those who want to teach web skills. It is ideally suited to serve as a backbone in curriculum creation for technology classes offered in public libraries and university libraries.

The standard is a work in progress and can viewed here: